HOLY GRAIL by Nada Mesqui

I believe cold calling is a holy grail of sales and anyone who wants to call themselves a sales person should have a significant experiance in cold calling. Why I stand firmly behind this statement is only because I have had many different sales experiences (direct, B2B, B2C etc.) and at the end it all comes down to you and the consumer in front of you, or as some of my collegues call it- human to human approach. Continue reading HOLY GRAIL by Nada Mesqui


Everybody Sells! (whether they admit it or not) by Dan Drucker

I find it funny when I talk to people who say things like, “Oh, I could never be in sales, that’s not my personality.” I believe this comes from the negative stigma of the “used car salesmen” type of salesperson, ignoring the fact that most business to business sales cycles today are high level and complex and require a consultative approach versus a hard sell attitude. Continue reading Everybody Sells! (whether they admit it or not) by Dan Drucker

Fat salesman

What Calorie Counting has Taught me About Sales Forecasting

Across the pond, as we move into the holidays, depending on what you read, the average American will gain around five pounds by unbuckling their belts and consuming as many courses as physically possible. Worse off are those of us who, as children, weren’t allowed to leave the dinner table until our plates were clean, and have been permanently programmed to devour everything in sight to earn our right to retire to the couch and zone out to an endless stream of football.

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Motivation and Psychology in Sales

I will start with a story about me being at the age of 8-9. We all had Playstation 1 those times and of course our parents had it cracked so they can buy us CDs cheaper.

But what all these have to do with sales ? I will get to the point in a minute. That year the 1st Personal Computers came out with CDPlayers and CDRecorders. My father did bought one and then i thought i can use it to copy some CDs that i already have and sell them to my friends so i can buy more games and play more. After 1-2 sales and with the money i got my motivation changed asap. I wanted to sell games so i can buy and sell more games. I didnt care anymore about playing that much than selling.

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