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Activity or Skill… Which is More Critical to Success?

Ask any sales professional, which is more important−activity or skill, and you’re likely to get a passionate, compelling answer for activity. That is until you ask the next person, where you will probably encounter and even stronger opinion in support of skill. In fact, I recently did just that…I recently posted this question on my social networks asking sales professionals their opinion on this question.

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About Sedric Hill

An author, coach, performance consultant and thought leader with a 25 year success record in sales and T&D leadership. Sedric's innovative Video Interactive Practice (VIP) and Sales Brain Trainer (SBT) apps are helping to shift the paradigm in today's sales training.

Effective Selling Skills Are Communication Skills

Some people talk about having the right “mindset” to sell, but what does that mean, really? If you want to sell something and you’re willing to present yourself (by phone, in person or through a computer) to people who could buy something from you, you have all the mindset needed to make a sale.

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Ronald Joseph Kule

About Ron Kule

The author's 39-year international sales/sales management/sales training career supported his writing and provided for extensive travel to 35 countries, including seminar deliveries in mainland China and Russia in the 1980's. Today, Ronald Joseph Kule writes books full-time from Clearwater, Florida, where he lives with his wife, Sherry, a custom jewelry designer. He is open to write biographies for interested clients with a great story of a life or a business.

If Sales Meetings Were Optional…

Why Do Sales People Hate Sales Meetings?


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Jeff Schmidt

About Jeff Schmidt

While his mother wanted him to be a preacher or a lawyer, Jeff became an Accidental Salesperson. He rose through the ranks and has lead more than 866 sales meetings and conducted 245 client seminars. After 26 years of on the street experience, he joined Chris Lytle to help Lytle achieve his mission of making successful people successful sooner!

Teaching Sales People is Like Teaching School Kids

If you are a Parent with children at School, College or University I am sure, like me, you have experienced the groans and moans around the dinner table as your kids discuss their various subjects and Teachers.  Have you noticed how some teachers can captivate and get your kids engaged with the subject?  Those Teachers and subjects quickly become the most popular and the children are much more likely to score a pass in the exams and sadly, the subjects with Teachers who cannot engage the kids, suffer from lower results.  Well, teaching sales people is exactly the same.  Unless your “Sales Teacher” can engage your sales people, challenge them to embrace new ideas and motivate them to go out and execute, then sadly your growth may end up in detention.  Here are our top 3 ways of teaching sales people and school kids to keep them engaged. Continue reading Teaching Sales People is Like Teaching School Kids

Iain Swanston

About Iain Swanston

Iain Swanston is both an inspiration to new sellers and the ‘Sat Nav’ that experienced sellers need to make the positive adjustments necessary to take them to the next level. Having personally experienced the benefit of Iain’s guidance, I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him to organizations looking to close the gap between where their sales are and where they need to be.