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Everybody Sells! (whether they admit it or not) by Dan Drucker

I find it funny when I talk to people who say things like, “Oh, I could never be in sales, that’s not my personality.” I believe this comes from the negative stigma of the “used car salesmen” type of salesperson, ignoring the fact that most business to business sales cycles today are high level and complex and require a consultative approach versus a hard sell attitude. Continue reading Everybody Sells! (whether they admit it or not) by Dan Drucker

Motivation and Psychology in Sales

I will start with a story about me being at the age of 8-9. We all had Playstation 1 those times and of course our parents had it cracked so they can buy us CDs cheaper.

But what all these have to do with sales ? I will get to the point in a minute. That year the 1st Personal Computers came out with CDPlayers and CDRecorders. My father did bought one and then i thought i can use it to copy some CDs that i already have and sell them to my friends so i can buy more games and play more. After 1-2 sales and with the money i got my motivation changed asap. I wanted to sell games so i can buy and sell more games. I didnt care anymore about playing that much than selling.

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Boost your Perceptual Skills to the Expert Level

Three key Ingredients to Boost your Perceptual Skills to the Expert Level:

We’ve all seen it first hand, that brilliant sales performance where the expert seems to nail every aspect of the selling interaction. But what exactly is that “it” in selling, the part that’s hard to put a finger on and we most often dismiss as simply having a knack or “it just comes with experience.” But when we peel back the onion a bit more, we discover the underlining intuitive actions that are actually at play. And not only can we unravel the mystery of implicit selling, thanks to science, we can now learn to repeat and improve these skills without sacrificing large amounts of selling time.

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Anyone can be a pilot at 28,000 feet…

Anyone can be a pilot at 28,000 feet, at 28 feet you better know what you doing.

If you follow me at all on Facebook or get my newsletters you eventually figure out that I like to go fast.  I like fast cars, airplanes, anything that will induce a minor amount of controllable terror.  I love flying and when I take people with me once we are at a few thousand feet I let them have the controls.  It is completely legal and the reaction I get is always how awesome it is.  I would never let someone get anywhere near the ground though.  Flying is easy, landing can be exciting and any mistake can be costly and violent.

Sales is a lot like that.   Continue reading Anyone can be a pilot at 28,000 feet…