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Motivation and Psychology in Sales

I will start with a story about me being at the age of 8-9. We all had Playstation 1 those times and of course our parents had it cracked so they can buy us CDs cheaper.

But what all these have to do with sales ? I will get to the point in a minute. That year the 1st Personal Computers came out with CDPlayers and CDRecorders. My father did bought one and then i thought i can use it to copy some CDs that i already have and sell them to my friends so i can buy more games and play more. After 1-2 sales and with the money i got my motivation changed asap. I wanted to sell games so i can buy and sell more games. I didnt care anymore about playing that much than selling.

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How to ignite your Motivation and fulfil your Potential

There has never been more information accessible to the average person to achieve success. Despite this wealth of information that’s available, we are more confused and paralysed than ever, by the ‘information overload’. 

Majority of us want a fulfilling life. We want good health, time with family and friends, meaningful work and enough money to live the life we want. However, very few achieve a fulfilling life. Why?  Continue reading How to ignite your Motivation and fulfil your Potential