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Become a sales hunter for the best career opportunities

Every successful business today has a sales team. This team comprises of individuals who scope out new business opportunities, add new customers and ensure that the needs of existing customers are taken care of. There are two distinct types of sales professionals, the hunters and the farmers. Every great sales team needs to create a balance between the two for the best possible results. The hunters bring in new business, while the farmers expand on these existing business relations and help the company gain more from existing connections. They both have their roles to play and the people who work in these profiles have widely differing characteristics. While the farmers have a reasonably safer role to play, the hunters are called so because of their aggressive work style and predatory instincts. If you have the skills to hunt down new leads, you can become an enormously successful sales professional in a very short time Continue reading Become a sales hunter for the best career opportunities

Has The Sales Process Changed?

Sales ProcessHave you found that your previously successful sales model is not working? Are you experiencing dramatic changes in how your customers buy today? Is it difficult to motivate your sales people to keep making those connections? Has sales changed?

In working with sales organization of all sizes and industries, selling services and products — the answer is a resounding, YES, sales has changed. Sure, there are fundamentals that will remain timeless.

To stay stuck in your old models is the definition of insanity “doing the same thing and expecting a different result”. The answer to this question is one of the biggest challenges (and opportunities) facing leaders today. So, let’s unwrap 3 key elements that have changed: Continue reading Has The Sales Process Changed?

Laurie Hawkins

About Laurie Hawkins

Laurie is an energetic, world-class coach with an extraordinary range of business expertise to achieve unprecedented performance. She has a keen business sense to assist in restructuring organizations and revitalizing productivity and profitability.

The three magic words in sales.

Like, Trust, Buy!

This phrase is used, or should be, by every successful sales person on the planet.  For many aspects of life, there is a certain order in which things flow.  Grass seeds must be planted before they pop up and make a beautiful lawn.  We learn to walk before we run.  And so it is with sales.  People need to like us before they trust us.  People need to trust us before they will buy from us.   Don’t confuse “like” here the way your best friend likes you; although that may end up being the case.  Like, in the sales context, really means establishing a good business rapport.  You are someone with whom your prospect “likes” speaking with and meeting.

You never trust someone you don’t like.  It’s contrary to human nature.  There’s probably something about that person that just rubs you the wrong way.  Maybe you perceived them as pushy, or they made an inappropriate joke thinking it was funny.  Your perception of them, whether you realized it or not, was that they did not have the same values as you.  There is no like and no rapport here.

On the other hand, if someone does like you, you have a shot at getting them to trust you.  Yes, I said a shot.  Most people make you earn their trust.  Don’t disappoint them.

 To earn trust remember this:

·         Do what you say you’re going to do.  Be dependable.

·         Arrive early.

·         Follow up promptly and when you said you would.

·         Find things that are of value to the other person.

·         Always tell the truth.  Even when it means possibly losing the sale.

·         Understand that from their perspective, purchasing the wrong product could be career-ending for them.

·         Be knowledgeable.

·         Really listen.


The key concept of Like, Trust, Buy, is that it can never go out of this order.  Approach Like, Trust, Buy in this order and you will be a step ahead of 90% of your competition.

Sales Homework – Write down three things that people said they Like about you.  Use those traits as you build your customer relationships.

1. ___________________________________________________________

2. ___________________________________________________________

3. ___________________________________________________________

Sales Managers –
Make a list of what you think makes a sales rep trustworthy, and share it with your team.

By: Louie Bernstein

True Sales Hunters Made Farmers When They Work For The Wrong Type of Organization

I had a discussion with a colleague recently when he made a statement regarding salesperson types, specifically hunters versus farmers. His perception was that you are either one or the other and that hunters are a much rarer breed.The reality is that certain people may be predisposed to be more effective in a hunter role but that is supported by their core skill set and the learned behaviours they have developed over time. That does not mean that skills cannot be acquired or effectively building repeatable processes and doing the right things will not allow others to be successful within a hunter role.

  1. Hunters are not born but develop based on personal development choices and experience
  2. Being a hunter is a commitment to a life style choice and its inherent risk and reward
  3. Hunters realize what works and build out repeatable processes to ensure greater success
  4. Join organizations that value the hunter philosophy in practice and not only in the job description

I have personally seen hunters who where made farmers or a hybrid hunter-farmer by joining an organization where the methodology and sales execution practices actually hindered the hunter from flourishing. This happens more often in small organizations that are cash sensitive as well in larger organizations with aggressive growth initiatives that may not have the right individuals in the appropriate roles. When organizations set goals they have to be aggressive but attainable. Targets need to based on data and not desired results or optimistic/hopeful outcomes. Hope is not a strategy! This results in weird behaviour derived from a scarcity perception. Hoarding or holding on to accounts longer than they should, risk avoidance by excepting smaller orders, diminished new business development activity and busy work increases rather than doing the right things. This starts the breakdown of the hunter who, based on situational and environmental conditions starts becoming more of a farmer. This provides a sense of security as they can generate revenue from upsells/cross sells which have a lesser degree of risk than finding new business. This is more prevalent in tough economic conditions. As some of these activities provide temporary relief, the process entrenches into the individuals way of working. The path of least resistance. Like domesticated animals they slowly lose their edge and over time could be unable to rejoin the wild. Claws and fangs don’t make you a good hunter but rather knowing how to use them within the context of your prey does. Somethings to look for when reviewing new opportunities:

  1. Review the sales process, personal development, and compensation program before going a firm to help uncover some of these indicators before joining an organization
  2. Understand the targets and how it was determined
  3. Ask what the results of peers were last year and the data that indicate the current targets are attainable
  4. The percentage of the sales team that met their objectives
Thoughts to ponder!


By: Osman Baig