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Are You Lucky?

Do you believe in luck? Do you consider yourself a lucky person or are you waiting for your ship to come in? There is a difference between luck and randomness. You should create your own luck and remove the randomness of you results.

Recently, I conducted a sales meeting for a business. Before I gave the meeting, I entered the meeting area before the sales team arrived and I taped a $20 bill to the bottom of a chair. During the meeting, I asked everyone to stand up and then look underneath their chairs and tell me what they found. Everyone was saying they hadn’t found anything except the one person who was sitting in the right chair, who yelled, “I found $20 bucks!”

After the gentleman found the $20, I asked everyone if that was luck that he found the $20. Some replied “yes” and some replied “no.” I told them that the reason for this exercise was to make several points. First of all, the person who found the $20 had to get up out of bed, drive to work, be there on time and pick the right seat. As silly as all of those things are, there was a time that all of those things would have seemed impossible. You are not born with a car or a job, but somehow you figured out how to accomplish those things.

My point is that your goals must become as believeable as any task you do everyday. Do not thing goals as goals, but as tasks. Bombard your brain with repetitive thought and proof of your goal until you become convinced it is a task and not a goal. People fail at goals and New Year’s Resolutions, but they do not fail to drive, go to work, and eat. Change your perspective. Also, the steps he took – such as getting a car, getting out of bed, driving to work and arriving on time – were suquential. It did not happen with a push of a button. There is no such thing as push-button success.

Next, the salesperson who found the $20 may have been lucky, but he put himself in position to be lucky. Everyone who consistently puts themselves into position to be lucky becomes lucky. Create your positioning and possibility for luck. You cannot be denied forever.

You may be saying “Come on. There is no way to know you would pick the right chair!” I would agree with that 100 percent. The right chair part is random, and that is exactly what most salespeople do everyday. They randomly choose their luck or lack of it.

Imagine a fisherman who fished everyday in a spot with no fish, the wrong hook, the wrong bait and at the wrong timem versus someone who fished with all the right things in place. Who catches more fish, more often? Is that luck? If you are a salesperson who shows up to work acts in a random fashion with no plan, no tools and no thought as to what you want and how to get it, you will get what you planned for. Nothing equals nothing or the occasional random luck.

Have you ever been wrapped up in the “good month/bad month” syndrome? It’s not bad luck and it’s not by accident. You simply have set yourself up in random fashion to get random results and thoe results are usually poor. You have given up your power, your responsibility and made a choice. It’s always a choice.

Successful people are lucky. They have planned for their luck and they believe in their luck. Unsuccessful salespeople are creatures of randomness. Either way, randomness or success is always a choice. You choose to win or you choose to lose but it is always your choice.


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