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Multi-Level Marketer or Sales Agent?

Multi-Level Marketer or Sales Agent?

Are you a sales agent or network marketer? The two are synonymous to each other but in terms of system pay out, being a network marketer is an edge than being an ordinary sales agent.

There are some people that are really born with selling skills. Apart from them, there are also people that had been in sales through out their lives.

But most of these sales agents are quite nervous when they hear network marketing.

Some are complaining that these programs are just fraud and will not last long and they will rather decide to stay as part of sales force of companies selling different kinds of products than join network marketing.

You might be wondering the difference in selling or marketing products in a regular sales company and joining network marketing?

Actually, selling or marketing products from other sales company like real estate, cars or other products, might be similar to network marketing. In terms of the description, selling is a common denominator between the two.

In terms of income, you will earn commissions for every sale that you made.

But even though you receive commissions in both business opportunities, network marketing is still a better investment than being just an ordinary sales agent in a company. Why? Because sales company still employs linear income, meaning without work, no pay.

Of course, this has been a normal and fair practice in employment and business process. However, if the wage you are earning is not enough for you much more to your family, what will you do?

Can you find two or three jobs a day, just to make both ends meet? Obviously, you have to find a legal and legitimate business that will allow you to earn income in a lesser risk.

This is where network marketing will enter the picture.

In network marketing, you can earn huge income without quitting your day or night jobs. You just have to give at least two or three hours per day and you will soon see a big difference in your life.

Another thing, being a sales agent, you are just entitled to a one time commission for every sales that you made but in multi-level marketing, it is not just one time pay, you will get commissions from the sales that your down-lines had made.

It means if you have an active down-line, you can earn even if you are just sleeping.

Don’t you think it is a better idea, that even while you are in your office, attending to your day job, you are also entitled to earn commissions for every sales that the down line had transacted. In the end, which one is better: sales agent or network marketer?

These two words are synonymous to each other but in terms of profits and benefits, the latter definitely outlast the former.

By: Will Spencer