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Effective Selling Skills Are Communication Skills

Some people talk about having the right “mindset” to sell, but what does that mean, really? If you want to sell something and you’re willing to present yourself (by phone, in person or through a computer) to people who could buy something from you, you have all the mindset needed to make a sale.

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Ronald Joseph Kule

About Ron Kule

The author's 39-year international sales/sales management/sales training career supported his writing and provided for extensive travel to 35 countries, including seminar deliveries in mainland China and Russia in the 1980's. Today, Ronald Joseph Kule writes books full-time from Clearwater, Florida, where he lives with his wife, Sherry, a custom jewelry designer. He is open to write biographies for interested clients with a great story of a life or a business.

Adding ABR to ABC

When should I start recruiting salespeople for my company?

Immediately. Even if you don’t have a sales opening at your company right now. You’ve heard the expression ABC: Always Be Closing. Add this one: ABR, Always Be Recruiting.

Why? Because much of the sales talent you will want to hire someday won’t be searching for a new job at the time you want to hire them. They won’t be reading help wanted ads; so you will have to actively recruit them.

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Charles Cohon

About Charles Cohon

CEO and President, Manufacturers' Agents National Association; CEO and Founder, Prime Devices Corporation