Sales and the Journey of Life

I’ve always believed that being in Sales is like a journey of discovering one’s true self and inner potential, that Sales is a state of being rather than of doing!

It’s about being an active listener
– that is, to be in the here-and-now, with open mind and open heart, while taking true and active interest in the others.

It’s about being open-minded and open-heartedno prejudice, no judgement! We, people, tend to put everything into small boxes, labeled for a more digestable use and future reference. Yet everyone of us is a Universe of our own, which cannot be easily understood, unless grasped in its “WHoliness”. Being openminded and openhearted gives a whole different perspective – one where there is more, actually, unlimited space and air for the different and the diversity; where you acknowledge the others for being who and where they are right now.

It’s about being in the here-and-now – being in the process of being and being in the process of connecting with the others. Walking the path goes along with all the “scenery” surrounding it. The scenery that we project while acknowledging the other’s projection of the same. That scenery, which is actually One, yet seen from a different perspective.

Being all of the above, I eventually came to knowing that indeed Life is the Path, rather than the goal or the destination! That if I focus on the goal – get a contract signed – I lose it all. But instead – if I’m being in the here-and-now, active listener, with open mind and open heart – I get it all. With or without a contract signed, I am able to take the best out of the experience, make the best use of my precious time, learn about the other… and then to know what there is to know.

In the end of the day, sales, and business for that matter, is nothing but human relations, and if we allow ourselves to just be in these relations, we get to connect with the others and ultimately, we get to connect with our own Self.

Just Be and Enjoy the Journey! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Sales and the Journey of Life

  1. Real listening brings you in the here and now state: as you don’t judge and let go any control,  you accept that the sales process is unpredictable, hence you gain control (it is a paradox in selling) : a real dialogue with the customer is always a two way communication , a “give to receive” process. It is selling with backbone.  Soft skills become hard skills as you gain the self confidence needed to succeed in sales.  Selling is my path too!

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