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An international group of sales and marketing executives and professionals, linked by relationships of mutual regard and trust. Its aim is to facilitate professional networking among a community who shares experience and expertise in marketing and sales execution.

The Pitch :

Sales finance companies development!

Let’s share our experiences:
– Business strategy
– Sales development
– Productivity, effectiveness and trade performance
– Team management
– Business organization
– Client Loyalty

The exchange of best practices allows us all to gain knowledge and improve our practices and effectiveness in business.

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27 thoughts on “About our Community

  1. I’m excited to be part of this evolving group.  There is so much to learn as the rules keep changing now with Social Media playing such an important part of the process.  The sales force is the life blood of any company and it is incumbent upon us to keep the wheels of industry moving!!

  2. I agree without sales, everything would stop, salespeople are the highest paid

    in the workforce.. There is a way to selling that a lot of people do not understand

    and really it is just getting to know the customer and finding out what their needs

    are, and explaining how to fill those needs to suit them and budget wise as well.

  3. Hello, Today, right now is my first time on this platform. I guess it will be a worthwhile experience.


  4. hello, there!

    thank you for the chance to connect to some real proffesionals. i took the time to follow some of the topics and spending time with this community really pays off.

    have a nice week, everyone.

  5. One of the smartest things anyone in sales and sales management can do besides following best practice scenarios is to expand their team so that they stay reminded every day as to what those best practices are.  People are often “trained” about things they need to do, but unless they retain that information (and believe it to be true), follow through can fall short of the goal no matter how specific they thought it was.  I look forward to networking with thoughtful professionals.

  6. I am Ahmed Emara , Sales man Who Love Sales and know how to make strong relationship with my customers. My new sales strategy is: Sales not only to sell products but also good way to make real friends who trust you.
    Thanks for this group.

  7. Thank you Laurent for the invitation to join this forum and hello everyone.

    Sales is the most important job in the world and hence the sales professional is the most valuable resource in every company in every country, in every economy.

    I am passionate about empowering sales professionals with the latest in Sales Psychology for which I have published my book on amazon kindle.

    I am here for you because in your success is my success.


    Samara Pope
    The Sales Psychologist

  8. Great idea to extend the core LinkedIn Sales Best Practices “franchise”.  I’m not sure what I’m seeing however — the “Home Page” is the same as the “Our Community Page” — I was hoping to see the list of blogged or published articles — but there’s no “home page”.  Perhaps I’m confused between the PaperLi thing and the blogging thing?  I have submitted a blog post for review and am excited about the possibility of community feedback, but am not sure if I’ve done the right thing.  Thanks for any advice!  And bravo for the excellent initiative!


  9. Without sales-every organization (Government not withstanding) would come to a screeching halt!

  10. I am looking forward to receive your confirmation of acceptance to the group.
    Panos Hatzifotis

  11. As a sales professional of over 25 years, I am always looking to hone my skills and share my experience with other sales professionals. I look forward to becoming a member of the group.

  12. I am new to this group but seems worth to spend time with this group .The discussion topics are interesting and the comments from group members are also very interesting.

    I am looking forward to become a menber of this group. 


  13. Hi Laurent

    I am disappointed why i have been Banned from your group.

    It was an honor to be part of the community and sharing and exchanging my 2 decades of sales and marketing experience  in the APAC region.

    If I have broken ground rules kindly give me another opportunity to redeem my status as member. It is very unlike me getting such treatment since I have managed to remain a good citizen as far as possible with all the forums and social media platforms.

    Hoping to get the reprieve?

    Warm Regards

    MUSHA (ultimate sale star)


    1. Hi Musha,

      Thanks for your interest.
      If you want to join us, please fix your current linkedin name, unbrand it, and change also your profile picture.
      We connect with real people, and this control step is the first one of our anti-spam strategy.

      Sorry for the convenience.

  14. Hi,

    I am a Sales Professional and I can prove you that I am the Best of the Best.

    I can sell anything,Market anything so is my confidence.

    Unfortunately, I am looking for a job.

    Is there anyone who can help me in getting a great job.






  15. I placed a message here, but now, it’s gone, would someone care to tell me why? It’s no problem but I’d just like to know.



  16. Hi –

    Last week, I posted 2 or 3 salient, helpful and complimentary comments to the discussion, “Hello, all I am fairly new to sales and would like to hear some input on the subject of prospecting or cold calling. B2B can be a bit rough getting past the gate keeper at times any suggestions” in the Sales Best Practices Group.

    There was nothing remotely self-serving about my posts.  I pointed members to a couple of helpful resources to which I have no connection.  The message says, “Your comment has been posted successfully,” yet the posts are not visible.  Were they removed for some reason?



    1. Hi John,
      I don’t see your article here. About our strong moderation in our Linkedin group, our 10 moderators apply the group rules available in the top menu and moderated members receive an alert as comment.
      Spam is a common issue in large linkedin groups, we apply different rules depending of the platform (aka FB, Xing, Viadeo, G+), so please discuss about it on the relevant media.

  17. Hi, I’m in consumer direct marketing business , I work flexible hours and I coach people how to start their business. I am also helping men to create a better relationship with others.

  18. Hi Laurent – I am confused about something and I wonder if I have some type of twitter problem: you have made direct contact with me twice in the past couple of weeks.  The first time was in a Sales Best Practices group discussion (“What are your thoughts on the “Anonymous LinkedIn User”?) on Sept. 27 (?) in which you replied to my post and addressed me as @JohnfromLBI.  This puzzled me as I do not do anything on LinkedIn via Twitter and always go by regular name.

    The second time was yesterday, Sept. 30, via Twitter, in which you thanked me for an FF and began to follow me.  I did no such thing (though I am sure you are very deserving of an FF).

    I am wondering: are you seeing activity from me via Twitter?  If so, I do not understand why.

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